Meet Our Core Management

Strategic decision -makers

Specialty: Doctor Of Medicine (M.D)
Education: Belgorod state University-Russia, General Medicine
Experience: 5 years
Dr. Daniel Nii Armah Tetteh
Medical Superintendent
Specialty: Health Services Management.
Education: MBA - General Management UCC & BSc Administration UG - Legon.
Experience: HSA (Navrongo, Bauku & Agogo Presbyterian )
Mr. Cosmas Beyuo
Rev. Sr. Clothilda Nen-Nome
Nurses Manager
Specialty: Accounting
Education: BBA - Valley & MBA-UBIDs
Experience: 13 years
Mr. Evans Nindor
Rev. Fr. Moses Sansa Mhe-mhe

I help provide spiritual, religious and pastoral care to patients, families, carers, caregivers and visitors in the hospital. My office is opened to everyone and the care is available to all people.

# I seek to fulfill the term "CHAPLAIN"

We are idea driven, working with a strong focus on health.

Dedication: committing oneself to achieving good health and working tirelessly to attain it and placing significant importance on health or giving it special attention.

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Unity is strength...
When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
What to do in case of emergency?

In certain circumstances, a patient may undergo an intense discomfort or pain that could potentially signify a medical emergency. In such cases, we ensure that there is always a doctor available on call to promptly attend to such situations. We strongly encourage you to contact us right away if you suspect that you are in an emergency, without any hesitation.

First aid measures that can be taken in different emergency situations

01. Bleeding:

Apply pressure directly to the wound using a clean cloth or bandage to stop the bleeding. Elevate the injured area above the heart if possible.

02. Poisoning:

Call Poison Control immediately, and follow their instructions. If the person is unconscious, not breathing, or having seizures, call 911/ +233-596-587-333 / +233-559-718-851 .