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Arriving in Jirapa in November 1929
Rev. Fr. mcCoy
Trace the Roots of our hospital

St. Joseph Hospital Jirapa was started in the convent of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary Congregation (FMM) in 1949 as a wound dressing centre for the people of Jirapa and its surrounding communities. In 1953, the then Catholic Mission of Tamale adopted and converted the wound dressing centre into a hospital to provide basic services in General Medicine, Deliveries, Surgery and Paediatrics; with the sole aim of extending the healing ministry of Christ to the poor and marginalized. Aside the clinical service, the Hospital was also mandated to train pupil nurses and midwives to the required standards of the regulatory bodies (Ministry of Health). It was also moved to its present site and managed solely and purely as a mission institution by the Church.

Our History

Their critical staffs were mainly expatriates. In 1956, the Mission entered into an Agency Agreement with the government of the then Gold Coast, now Ghana, where the government was required to provide such infrastructure, as may be required, and the emoluments of the requisite staff engaged and employed by the Mission. The Agency Agreement in its original form has remained till date, but its operations have substantially changed over the period.


The Catholic Health Service Trust (CHST) is a non-profit private healthcare provider that is under the ownership of the Catholic Church in Ghana. The CHST's institutional health facilities, including hospitals and clinics, have been in existence since the early 1950s. These facilities were established during a time of pressing need for healthcare services in the region, and have since been providing vital healthcare services to the local communities.

The training schools have assumed autonomy and the mode of engagement and employment of some key staff has altered. The specific objective of the hospital is to deliver accessible and quality healthcare services in a congenial atmosphere, to the optimum satisfaction of our clients through a well-motivated staff In the existence of St. Joseph Hospital for this over sixty years, trend has always been to celebrate our feast day in the month of May along with honouring our retirees who toiled so much for the service of the sick. On the 10th of March 1953, the Cornerstone of Jirapa Hospital was Laid by Mr. Burdon, the chief commissioner,Tamale.

About ST Joseph Hospital Jirapa
We always stay with our clients and take care of their health condition.
We deliver the best and provide instant response.

The main objective of the hospital is to extend the healing ministry of Christ to all, irrespective of race, creed, colour or gender, and based on Christian ethics and principles.


To provide high quality health care in the most effective/efficient and innovative manner. Specific to the needs of the communities we serve and at all times acknowledging the dignity of the patient.


To continue Christ’s healing ministry in bringing healing to the greatest possible number of people and the provision of total quality patient care through healers with good ethical and moral standards; who are conscientious as well as professionally competent, motivated and united in their common respect of fundamental human values.


To provide high quality health care in the most effective/efficient and innovative manner. Specific to the needs of the communities we serve and at all times acknowledging the dignity of the patient.


St Josephs Hospital has a zero Tolerance Policy for all forms of abuse

Our Goal

The Service aims to enhance and maintain the provision of healthcare services to the marginalized members of society. It will persist in its efforts to empower its clientele to take ownership of their healthcare needs as well as that of the wider community.

Our team

Strategic decision -makers

Rev. Fr. Moses Sansa Mhe-mhe

I help provide spiritual, religious and pastoral care to patients, families, carers, caregivers and visitors in the hospital. My office is opened to everyone and the care is available to all people.

# I seek to fulfill the term "CHAPLAIN"
Specialty: Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
Education: Belgorod state University - Russia, General Medicine
Experience: 5 years
Dr. Daniel Nii Armah Tetteh
Medical Superintendent
Specialty: Health Services Management.
Education: MBA - General Management UCC & BSc Administration UG - Legon.
Experience: HSA (Navrongo, Bauku & Agogo Presbyterian)
Mr. Cosmas Beyuo
Rev. Sr. Clothilda Nen-Nome
Nurses Manager
Specialty: Accounting
Education: BBA - Valley & MBA-UBIDs
Experience: 13 years
Mr. Evans Nindor
What We Do
our services
Surgical services that are provided to patients who require surgical procedures or interventions.
Theater services(OR)

Surgical & Anesthesia services

Our healthcare provide many order diagnostic tests such as blood tests urine test and more.!
Laboratory services

Examination & Diagnosis

Dental services include routine checkups and cleanings, X-rays, fillings, extractions, root canals, crowns, bridges, dental implants etc.
Dental services

Professional dentistry


Compassionate care for all: We prioritize patient comfort and safety above all else.

Expert medical professionals at your service: Our skilled team of healthcare providers is committed to providing the highest level of care.Cutting-edge technology and treatments: We use the latest medical technology and treatments to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Your trusted healthcare partner: We work closely with patients and their families to develop personalized treatment plans that meet their unique needs. State-of-the-art facilities: Our modern facilities are designed to provide the highest level of care in a comfortable and welcoming environment.