Medical Superintendent

Medical Superintendent

Dr. Daniel Nii Armah Tetteh

  • Specialty:     Doctor of Medicine (M.D)
  • Education:    Belgorod state University, Russia
  • Experience:   5 years
  • Location:      Y45 XJ-0000-0227, JIRAPA, GHANA
  • Contact:

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St Joseph Hospital is a Catholic Health Service Trust affiliated hospital located in Jirapa, Upper West Region. Our main goal is to continue with Christ healing ministry on earth through contemporary healthcare delivery methods. Over the years, we have strived to achieve excellence in clinical care through a highly motivated staff with the aim of serving a highly satisfied client. Innovation, productivity and creation of a sustainable system are key in achieving our goals. As far as serving our client is concerned, we can boast of attaining our lowest general mortality in the past year with a consistent rate of less than 2% in the past three years. Our Lord and master, Jesus Christ, as part of his mission on earth, went about doing good and healing the sick. We also strive to heal the sick using orthodox medicine, doing our master's will.



Senior Medical officer

7 years Experience

Dr. Sulemana Suabir

Physician specialist

8 years Experience

Dr. Silas Gbogere

Medical Officer

Physician assistants (PAs)
Main Laboratory
Mr. Yeboah Nicholas Kwame
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Mr. Peter Selleh
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Mr. Bekuure Denis
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Pharmacy & X-Ray/ Scan Unit