Posted on 7 December, 2023
On 7th December 2023, our specialty units together with public health unit embarked on the last session of our monthly school health screening, for the year.

AThis time round, we visited Ganaa JHS to offer free health screening and health education to the pupils. In total, they were able to screen 178 pupils out of which 149 had various minor and major health issues, ranging from eye, dental, ENT etc.

last staff durbar for the year 2023, on 14th December 2023, the hospital held an end of year staff awards ceremony.

The award ceremony saw 17 individuals and 3 wards/units/departments winning various awards. The atmosphere was one one of anticipation and excitement, as well deserving staff were honoured for their diligence and desire to achieve excellence by going the extra mile. St Joseph Catholic Hospital wishes to once again congratulate all award winners and motivate all staff to aspire for this great honour in the coming years.

Once again, greater works restoration foundation visited the hospital to offer free surgeries.

Surgeries ranged from plastic surgery to general surgery cases. The team, led by Dr. William Hoyte, comprised of Consultant and Specialist surgeons together with an anaesthetist, Peroperative nurses, team administrator and media person. With the support of the hospital theatre and surgery team, they were able to do 103 cases between 11th and 15th December 2023. St. Joseph Catholic Hospital is ever grateful to Greater works restoration foundation for your philanthropic works bringing smiles to the faces of our people.

Our fourth quarter school health screening took place at the St. Francis Junior High School.

A total of 148 students were seen by our specialty unit staff. Out of this number 111 had various minor and major health conditions. Screening was done for oral health, ENT, mental health assessment, physio and eye conditions. Students were also educated on the practice of good hygiene and common health conditions.

The Ghana Fire Service held a fire safety training

Fire simulation exercise was carried out for staff of St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, on 21st November 2023. This has boosted the staff knowledge and preparedness for incidence of fire outbreak.

St. Theresa Catholic Women group donates to Children's ward.

We appreciate the kind gesture shown to our sick children. God bless you.

Posted on 7 December, 2023
The second edition of our "The Worker journal" comes out in the first week of December.

Watch out for interesting content concerning the hospital activities between September and November of 2023. Check the hospital website to download.

Our hospital's canteen is open.

Check out for delicious local and continental dishes accompanied by various kinds of cold drinks at the canteen, adjacent the children's ward.

In-service training

There was in-service training on Infection prevention and control and Operation of LHIMS paperless system for all new staff from 28th to 30th November 2023.

Posted on 30 October, 2023
Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD)

The hospital has been selected as the Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) referral center for the Upper West Region.

St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, climaxed the World Prematurity awareness month celebration

On 28th November 2023, this year's international celebration was themed: small actions, BIG IMPACT.

Greater Works Restoration Foundation, in collaboration with St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, Jirapa

They will be providing free surgeries in Jirapa from December 11th to 15th, 2023. This includes plastic and general surgeries. The NGO, with a team of specialists, offers these services to Ghanaian communities. Prior booking is recommended, NHIS cards are required, and incidental charges may apply.


The Medical Superintendent, known for their exceptional dedication and contributions to healthcare, has been recognized with a prestigious award from the Foundation for Global Life Changers.

Doctors of Africa, a group of German Urologists who visit St. Joseph Hospital

From October 20 to November 4, 2023, Doctors of Africa, a group of German Urologists, provided free surgeries for underprivileged urology patients at our facility. The joy on our patients' faces is heartwarming. St. Joseph Catholic Hospital extends deep appreciation to Doctors of Africa for their partnership and dedication to this cause.

Renovation of the NICU Mothers' Hostel

With our commitment to ensuring our NICU mothers are safe and comfortable throughout their baby's admission, renovation work is currently ongoing at their accommodation - Robin's baby nest.

Digital receipts with printing capabilities offered at billing units and GCB revenue collection points.

St. Joseph Catholic Hospital, Jirapa, goes fully electronic and introduces digital print-out receipts at billing units and GCB revenue collection points, enhancing client satisfaction and the hospital experience in harmony with the Lightwave health information management system.

In-service training for selected staff

In September 2023 there was an in-service training for selected staff from ANC, Maternity, Public health unit and records unit on baby registration on Lightwave health management system.

Ministry of Health, in partnership with the Kybelle Group, conducted an in-service training program

The training focused on obstetric triaging, a new project being piloted in the region. St. Joseph Hospital was one of three facilities chosen for this initiative, aimed at decreasing waiting times and enhancing obstetric outcomes, including reducing neonatal deaths and maternal morbidity and mortality.

Clinicians on TB management

There was training of hospital Clinicians on TB management. The aim of this training was to improve TB case detection rate in order to reach regional target.

Emerald foundation in conjunction with St. Joseph Catholic hospital, Jirapa, organised a breast cancer awareness and screening program on Friday, 27th October 2023.

The hospital team did breast examinations and counselling for security staff within the Jirapa municipality, including officers from Ghana Police service, customs and immigration service, Fire Service, Ambulance service etc cetera.

Hospital laboratory added Hb electrophoresis test to it's list of laboratory examination.

The hospital laboratory added Hb electrophoresis test to it's list of laboratory examination. Due to rising demand for this test and for convenience and affordability for all client, the machine was procured and test started early October 202.

Posted on 24 JULY, 2023
Annual leadership workshop.

On 20th June 2023, we had the maiden edition of our annual leadership retreat. The topics discussed were: Effective leadership skills for health service delivery led by Mr. Prosper Lana, the Deputy Director Administration at Regional health directorate, Upper West Region. The second topic discussed was leadership for personal, institutional and global transformation, which was led by Mr James Ziekye of Global life changers.

Third quarter School health screening

Health screening for school children has been a priority for St. Joseph Hospital for the purpose of early diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions. Our public health unit together with Eye, ENT, Mental, Physiotherapy and Dental units embarked on a mission to screen all pupils of the St. Joseph Junior High School on 20th July 2023.

New portable Ultrasound machines at Maternity

There is now a new portable ultrasound machine at the maternity for emergency diagnosis of obstetric and gynaecological emergencies for early intervention.

Mr. Eric Johnson, the CEO of Royal Cosy Resort

Donation from Royal Cosy Resort (Jirapa-Dubai)

He donated a flat screen TV, 8 ceiling fans and Air-conditioners to our Outpatient and Emergency Units. St. Joseph Hospital is very grateful for your continued support and goodwill. God bless you.

Visiting German Urologists

Our biannual visiting German Urologists from Doctors of Africa

Our biannual visiting German Urologists from Doctors of Africa would be visiting our facility from 17th October 2023 to 5th November 2023. Anyone who has a urological condition or knows someone with such conditions should book at the hospital or contact us through our official phone line. They would be managing problems ranging from difficulty passing urine, prostate conditions, fistulas etc, both surgically and conservatively, for both males and females.

Posted on 15 June, 2023
Peer visit to St. Theresa hospital, Nandom

Hospital management together with heads of departments, wards and units embarked on a visit to St. Theresa Hospital to fraternise with management and staff of our sister facility. The purpose of this meeting was to acquaint ourselves with the working system in their facility and incorporate some of their best practices into healthcare system of our facility. It was a very successful trip.

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Orientation of new staff

We had our usual orientation of new staff on 26th and 27th of June 2023. Relevant topics on the history and vision of the hospital, hospital and CHAG policies, time management et cetera were discussed with new staff to prepare them for and incorporate them into the St. Joseph culture. (Will send you the picture to use for this)

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Opening of new mental ward and rehabilitation center

The hospital has finally opened it's new mental ward and rehabilitation centre, the first of it's kind in the Upper West region. The ward and rehab facility will treat a wide range of mental health problems including addiction management on both outpatient and inpatient basis.
Thank you.

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Posted on 15 June, 2023
COVID-19 presidential award given to deserving health staff

On 8th June 2023, two of our staff received the COVID-19 presidential award given to deserving health staff nationwide for their committed sacrifice in the fight against COVID-19.

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Physiotherapy team from Nsawam

The physiotherapy team from Nsawam, in the their second annual trek, visited the hospital on 7th June 2023 to offer physio services to the Jirapa community and beyond. It was a very successful programme and put smiles in the faces of many clients with urgent physiotherapy needs.

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AMREF and Mastercard in collaboration with MOH and CHAG in order to ensure the continuity of COVID-19 vaccination

Ghana and other African countries, started the saving lives and livelihood programme (SLL). Our hospital is amongst the selected few to embark on this programme.
Thank you.

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Posted on 1 June, 2023
We have opened a new laboratory annex at the ANC

From 1st June 2023, the hospital has began operating a laboratory annex, at the ANC, which would help solve the problem of long waiting time for pregnant women at Maternity, Labour ward and ANC, as well as neonates at NICU.

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To all staff and cherished customers.

The hospital would be going live on the Lightwave health information management system from 1st June 2023. This would mean that all clinical care processes would be done through electronic means from records to opd through laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray, ward and even payment of bills will be without folders, pen and paper in hand. St Joseph hospital, Jirapa is going paperless...

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Jirapa St. Joseph Hospital is live paperless system

Now all our clinical care processes would be done through electronic means from records to opd through laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray, ward and even payment of bills will be without folders.
Thank you.

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Posted on 27 May, 2023
Lightwave health information management system training

Lightwave health information management system training of staff.

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Quality assurance committee

Quality assurance committee meeting

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Jirapa St. Joseph Hospital and Nandom St Theresa Hospital.

Jirapa St. Joseph Hospital and Nandom St Theresa Hospital joint management retreat.

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Posted on 16 May, 2023
Addiction management training team.

Addiction management training for hospital's mental health staff at the Pantang Hospital, Accra - as the hospital prepares to start offering rehabilitation services for drug, alcohol and other forms of addiction.

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The Diet/Nutrition therapy unit of St. Joseph Hospital, Jirapa.

The Diet/Nutrition therapy unit of St. Joseph Hospital, Jirapa, organised a successful food demonstration to mark the just ended child health week celebration on Friday, 12th May 2023.

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We restore your smile.

Hospital second quarter blood donation exercise on 13th May 2023 at St. Francis of Assisi Girls' Senior High School.

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Posted on 20 April, 2023
Enhancing skills in the care and maintenance of medical equipment.

A professional development program focused on enhancing skills in the care and maintenance of medical equipment.

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The visit of German Urologists to Jirapa St. Joseph Hospital is an excellent opportunity to enhance the quality of healthcare provided to the people of Jirapa and its environs.

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We restore your smile.

MTN sponsored our first quarter blood donation campaign.

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Madam Florence Angsowine

Municipal Director Of Health Services-Jirapa

During the last staff durbar acknowledged the commitment of staff to achieving excellence in healthcare delivery and admonished staff to foster a sense of teamwork to achieve more.

To provide high quality health care in the most effective/efficient and innovative manner. Specific to the needs of the communities we serve and at all times acknowledging the dignity of the patient.

We deliver the best and provide instant response to Emergency cases instantly.

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Posted on 02 January, 2023
Emergency management training specifically designed for our hospital staff.

By participating in this training program, hospital staff can enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, ultimately contributing to the delivery of high-quality patient care during emergencies.

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The Greater Works Restoration Foundation recognized the hospital's need and stepped in to provide critical support. Overall, the Greater Works Restoration Foundation's visit was a testament to the power of collaboration and a reminder of the tremendous impact that dedicated individuals can make when they come together for a common cause.

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The overall best nurse in the Upper West Region.

Mrs. Alifa Mbawini Zakari

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